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Every community has needs.  It may be better signage, lighting, trash removal, road repair, flooding mitigation (you betcha!).  The EOV Civic League invites you to post your or your community needs.  We hope others comment and agree or disagree.  The Board will be reading and discussing these.

However, we insist that posts are courteous and respectful.  Any post that diminishes another member will be removed and the writer warned.  Second event and you will be banned.

Thank you, The East Ocean View Civic League

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2 Comments on "The “What EOV Needs” Blog"

  • johnsonf18 says

    What EOV needs is continued City support, we now have a councilman who understands our community needs and does more then just talk the talk. He walks the walk. We also need the residents to participate. Very few residents are doing all the heavy lifting, we need everybody involved, calling in violations, calling police, attending civic league meetings, etc.

  • stevevl says

    Could not agree more. The EOV Board is a big dog (with little teeth). When we have the support of the community as a whole, in large numbers, we can better motivate the city leaders and administrators to solve your problems. EOV businesses, renters, homeowners, landlords… attend our meetings! Speak out! Your EOV Civic League Board is listening!

    An EOV Board Member.

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