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We live here with our families, our pets (EOV loves pets!) our friends and roommates (sometimes they are both!)  We are all due a safe life and stress free home.  We understand the issues of crime, code violations, flooding, trash, and how unsavory landlords may effect you.  We want to help!  We can apply pressure to the city, our representatives, the policy, the landlords and more to help make EOV the best place to live.  The EOV Civic League invites you to post your housing needs.  We hope others comment and agree or disagree.  The Board will be reading, discussing and acting on these.

However, we insist that posts are courteous and respectful.  Any post that diminishes another member will be removed and the writer warned.  Second event and you will be banned.

Thank you, The East Ocean View Civic League

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  • stevevl says

    We Knew East Beach was Cool! Thank you Debbie from the Virginia Pilot. I suggest everyone read the article from Debbie Messina, Writer for the Pilot on East Beach today,

    Fast growing property sales, home prices rising, new business, happy residents. Simple a nice commnity with our East Ocean View Community.

  • stevevl says

    Article today in the Norfolk Campass section of the Virginia Pilot; Some residents not happy with parking instead of turn lane. Altough the area is based in our sister civic league, Cottage Line, it appears they will solicit resident feedback at the next meeting. Be sure to attend.

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