Bon Secours Care-a-Van

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What is the Bon Secours Care-a-Van?
The Care-a-Van is a mobile health care program — a free clinic on wheels. Often, an uninsured individual may wait to access care until their health gets to an emergency level. Care-a-Van services are designed to provide vital medical care in a timely manner to those who need it.

Bon Secours Care-a-Van has been operating in Hampton Roads since 2009. The program currently serves 9 different locations between Newport News, Norfolk and Portsmouth. Bon Secours hopes to expand services with the addition of a second van. Since January 2011, we have served more than 1,000 patients.

How does it operate?
The Care-a-Van team consists of an attending medical director, nurse practitioner, registered nurse, medical assistant, licensed practical nurse and a driver/registrar. Together, the team partners with local churches and community centers to provide care in the areas of Hampton Roads in greatest need.

We have a few follow-up appointments available, but our scheduling is primarily on a first-come first-serve basis. Capacity is limited. At each location, patients register and go through in-take inside the partnering facility. From there, care and discharge services are conducted inside the van.

Who does it serve?
This service only provides care for those who are uninsured. We provide care and referral services for children and adults.

How is it funded?
Care-a-Van is 100% funded by donations and the generosity of the community. Through the Bon Secours Foundation and the participation of various local facilities the Care-a-Van brings free care to those who not otherwise have access to health care services.

For those interested in donating, we can always use more volunteer practitioners andadditional funding.

How can people find the van?
For more information, visit the Care-a-Van page or call (757) 889-CARE (2273) to learn about upcoming dates and locations.