East Ocean View Civic League – Newsletter – Winter 2015

Read our latest newsletter featuring updates, what is happening and information about exciting local events for the holiday season.

Fancy joining us for the Grand Illumination Parade or Holiday Yule Log Bonfire? Click the link to find out more!

Click to read the East Ocean View Civic League Newsletter for Fall/Winter 2015

The “What EOV Needs” Blog

Every community has needs.  It may be better signage, lighting, trash removal, road repair, flooding mitigation (you betcha!).  The EOV Civic League invites you to post your or your community needs.  We hope others comment and agree or disagree.  The Board will be reading and discussing these.

However, we insist that posts are courteous and respectful.  Any post that diminishes another member will be removed and the writer warned.  Second event and you will be banned.

Thank you, The East Ocean View Civic League