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Grant Application (East Beach Institute)

The East Beach Institute is pleased to announce its 2021-2022 grant solicitation process. The last two years, the announcement came in the spring with grant awards announced early summer. There were also a couple additional awards given out of cycle. COVID-19 changed all that for us and for everyone!

This year we are opened the grant application process on August 1. The application, the grant completion report and the grant scoring system are located in one document on the East Beach Institute website. ( All grant applications must be received by 31 August, either by e-mail or by mail. The Board will review those applications during the month of September; and awards will be announced by no later than 31 October. Again, this announcement covers calendar years 2021 and 2022.

As in years past, grant applications must address one or more of the three missions of the Institute:

Philanthropy – Philanthropic endeavors in and around East Beach and the Ocean View communities;

Enrichment – Enrichment of East Beach surrounding community residents through the arts and education; and

Engagement – Engagement with the surrounding community to make East Beach an integral part of Ocean View.

In addition, organizations should also directly focus their efforts on at least one of three areas that were particularly stressed in our Ocean View community during COVID-19: Food Insecurity, Education and Mental Health.

If you know of an organization that focuses its efforts on the Ocean View community and might not see this announcement otherwise, please feel free to forward. More information about EBI may be found at their website:

Building Mural Competition

CAMP Initiative Letter

Attached is our letter to city leaders asking for the installation of an In-Pavement Marker (IPM) system at several crossing in EOV.

CAMP Initiative Letter

Ocean View Beach Park Summer Schedule

Comment on the former Greenies Site

After nearly two years of community meetings, outreach and planning, we have a vision for this
iconic site in Ocean View. You told us what you wanted out of this space along W. Ocean View
Avenue and this two-phase redevelopment plan will get us there.

Under Phase 1, the dune line will be reestablished in its proper
place to provide natural coastal protection against storm surge and high waves, prevent or
reduce coastal flooding and structural damage, and provide important ecological habitat. Upon
completion, an extension of the walkway at Ocean View Beach Park behind the dune will be
installed along with a new ADA-accessible beach access point over the new dune. Parking
spaces will be added as an extension to the current parking lot with a space for food trucks
connecting to the new parking lot. Finally, a proposed turf area will be installed that can be
programmed later.

The second phase proposes two options, both of which would occur to the
west of 1st View Street and build off the work established in Phase I. · Option 1: a one-story
waterfront restaurant with outdoor and rooftop dining. · Option 2: a waterfront restaurant with
outdoor dining is still proposed, but with a bigger footprint.

With both options, flexibility is built in
to ensure the future needs of the community can be met. You can still let us know your thoughts
on this plan by contacting the Department of Planning at 757-664-4752 or by email:

Joining the Civic League

Please consider joining the civic league and encourage your neighbors to do so as well! Feel free to share the attached flyer that includes a QR code to pay yearly dues.

Comment on the Multi-modal Norfolk Plan

Find your civic league or other points of interest on this interactive map and add comments where improvements for
walking, bicycling, scootering and public transit/bus system are most needed.

Your comments will be used to help identify projects for improving transportation as recommendations
in the Multimodal Norfolk Transportation Master Plan.

Interactive map:

The Multimodal Transportation Master Plan will serve as the vision and blueprint for transportation improvements in the city.
More information on Multimodal Norfolk:

Residents can also email a description of the need they would like to identify or
any other comments to

See the attached flyer

COVID-19 Vaccine

Preregistration assistance is available from the City of Norfolk for those who need it to register for the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Preregistration Information

Vaccinate Virginia Flyer

East Beach Buddies Book Drive

East Beach Buddies (EBB) is a group of about 60 East Beach neighbors who volunteer at Ocean View Elementary School. There are two Teams – Reading (volunteers Wednesday 10:30 – 11:30) and Math (volunteers Tuesday 10:00 – 11:30). The Reading Team works with 1st and 2nd graders who need a caring adult to provide one on one reading time. The Math Team works with students from all grade levels providing support with math skills. The programs run from October until April.

As a result of COVID, we were not able to finish last school year or start this one with the children in the school. Different times call for different ideas! Thus, our Teams have decided to undertake a book give away for ALL of the students at Ocean View Elementary. This will be set up in front of the school and the families can drive by and pick up books. We are putting bins in about 10 Ocean View and East Beach locations and asking the community to help us with this book drive. We are asking for new books appropriate for children K – 5th grade.

The students, families, and faculty of Ocean View Elementary appreciate any and all help. Thank you.

Locations and boxes include COVA (at Shore Drive and Pretty Lake Ave), The Attic and Cross Fit in the shopping center on Shore Drive), and Crystal Palate (on Pretty Lake Ave).