Our Goals

The 2017 Goals of the EOV Civic League

First priority: “Fixing,” or at least addressing seriously, the flooding issue, which includes not only East Ocean View, but other low-lying areas of Norfolk.  A long-term plan and “fix” is critical in order to develop, sustain and cultivate a thriving community and desirable destination of people looking to live in a coastal/beach environment.

Second priority: Infrastructure improvements along the Pleasant Avenue corridor, including raising streets and/or repaving as necessary; installing sidewalks and gutters where none exist; and upgrading antiquated storm drains.  Again, unless the flooding issue is addressed satisfactorily, any infrastructure improvements may well be implemented and then just as quickly torn up/ruined as a result of water overflow.

Third priority: Controlling density through construction of single-family homes. What this will require is strict enforcement of regulations that require apartment owners/operators to keep their properties up to code; insure properties are not over-crowded; and, as older, dilapidated, “unrentable” properties become  unoccupied and condemned, insure they are torn down expeditiously and smaller, equally-affordable rental units, if not single family homes, take their place.

Fourth priority: Business development. We would like to see the same level of interest shown in EOV as with downtown Norfolk and Wards Corner—incentives for small business development, hotels and restaurants. The Norfolk City Development Directorate should make this a priority item.

Fifth priority: Completion of the Bay Oaks Park design and buildout, which would improve considerably the value of surrounding properties—both occupied and yet-to-be-built. The design is complete; we await its funding and implementation.

Last: The need for a comprehensive marketing strategy for the EOV beachfront, from Willoughby to East Beach. There is no mention of any City effort to promote Ocean View’s eight miles of beachfront coastline as part of its “marketing of a regional approach to tourism,” which is cited in PlaNorfolk 2030. To us, this means hotels and restaurants in the number, and of the quality, of those downtown to make this a tourist-friendly destination.

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